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27. marta 26, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia / t: +381 63 214 893

e:  / w: is a nongovernmental organization based in Belgrade, founded in 2002 by the group of journalists and art historians with the aim to help of development of an open cultural and artistic scene in South-East Europe region, promotion of multicultural and international cooperation and encouragement of cultural integration of the region into Europe and the world, as well as its international promotion. Main goals are creating a unique regional informative network and universal online data base in the field of culture and art in SEE region – an independent multimedia regional portal/quick search and production house in the field of regional culture; aid to cultural institutions, artists and artistic organizations in planning and exchange of production, presenting their creative works and more active participation in the regional, European and world scene; promotion of intergovernmental, interurban and non-institutional cooperation in the field of culture in the region; encouragement of idea exchanges, development of critical standpoints and overcoming stereotypes, encouraging active participation of citizens in cultural life, encouraging sponsorship in the field of culture and affirming the application of internet and technological development in the field of culture and media, as well as electronic business operations.

The main activities are grouped around the portal, which is established in 2003 as developmental, informative-educational, and presentation-documentary online platform for culture and art, with the aim to inform, present and incite development of an open cultural and artistic scene in the region, its integration into Europe, and international promotion. Its aim is to help cultural institutions, artists and artistic organizations to plan and exchange production, present their creative works, participate more actively on the regional, European and the world scene, and to encourage the exchange of ideas, development of critical standpoints, and overcoming of stereotypes.

Besides daily updated news about events, cultural policies, open calls, debates and various projects (in Serbian and partly in English), portal has an Events Calendar, Photo Galleries, Artists’ Gallery (photographs/reproductions of art works of selected artists), Blog, as well as profile presentations of artists and cultural institutions, and provides other opportunities for the creation and distribution of content on the globally most popular social web networks as well. is also organizing exhibitions, debates, conferences, round tables, regional conferences and debates, and also is active in regional cooperation and networking.

Beside activities in the LTCA project, has established several other partnerships in the field of culture and media in the region. Among them is the project Balkan Initiative for Cultural Cooperation, Exchange and Development (BICCED), supported by Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans – SCP. is one of the partners in this project, led by Balkan Investigative Regional Reporting Network – BIRN, with the aims to improve journalists’ skills in Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo in analytical reporting on issues in the sphere of cultural policy and cooperation, enhance cross-regional cooperation and exchange of information between journalists, media, culture professionals and organisations, raise awareness of the importance of development of cultural policies in the region, and to expand the reach and impact of local journalists’ reporting. Activities of are related to organisation of the two main events (opening and closing) of the project (regional conferencies on cultural policies), as well as to mainting the Calendar of events in the field of culture in the region and providing contacts with cultural organisations. is also one of the inititators of the InSEEcp – Informal network of culture portals in South-East Europe, which is a result of workshops, meetings and on-line activities of culture portals in the region, initiated in 2006, at the first regional meeting organized by and Goethe-Institute Belgrade.


Network Clubture/portal

Clubture Network: Croatian Network of Independent Cultural Organizations

Svačićev trg 1, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia / t: +385 1 45 72 591 / e: / w:

Clubture Network was founded in 2002 in Zagreb, Croatia, as a platform built around the idea of a culture as a process of exchange. Clubture functions as the network of organizations and non-formal initiatives gathered trough their active participation in production and distribution of programs. Due to the diversity and wide range of activities, and innovative model of collaboration and decision-making, network developed into significant actor of independent cultural production in Croatia in fields of urban culture, youth culture, interdisciplinary projects, activist and socially engaged programs.

Since it’s beginnings, Clubture has developed many different programs and projects with aims of enabling direct partnerships between independent cultural organizations in Croatia, but also launched different educational, capacity building and residency programs, also engaging in advocacy work at the local and national levels – at first aimed at improvement of the framework of independent actors in the cultural field, but with time stepping out of the framework into adjacent fields of youth and urban policies.

Clubture’s basic program Clubture – HR program exchange works on a precisely defined model of cooperation. This is the most important distinction that differs Clubture from other cultural networks, which are often based on formal membership and representation. In this way Clubture not only gathers active membership, but also creates dynamism on the independent cultural scene in Croatia. Over the years more than 100 organizations and initiatives from all around Croatia gathered in collaborative projects trough platform. Trough various models of exchange some 150 programs were realized, with close to a thousand diverse public events in all Croatian cities and smaller communities. The success of this program in Croatia aimed future network’s activities in the region.

Clubture started developing it’s regional program in late 2004, gathering various actors in cultural field coming from countries of former Yugoslavia, starting with premise of shared cultural space and circumstances in which independent actors operate. Its fundamental conception was based on the exchange of cultural and artistic content produced in Croatia with countries in the region, and on bringing on other quality-like contents to Croatia. In 2008, Clubture reshaped it’s regional activities towards advocating activities, mostly in the light of two simultaneous processes: accession of former Yugoslav countries towards the EU and the adoption of European cultural agenda in the globalised world. This was the framework for a lot of various activities, which aim to strengthen the position of independent cultural actors, both regionally and in the context of new emerging political and social circumstances. was founded by Clubture in 2005, and has since then represented Croatian independent and contemporary culture on a daily basis. Through the intensive dealing with important issues of the representatives of this scene, has become the only media which gives the most comprehensive and continuous insight into the activities and development of the Croatian independent culture.


SCCA – Center for Contemporary Arts Ljubljana  (Ljubljana)

Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia / t: +386 1 431 83 85 /

e: / w:

SCCA forms important segments of support system for contemporary arts & culture and civic society.

Its activities are divided into the following scopes:

  • art programs;
  • vocational training programs and
  • service activities.

SCCA-Ljubljana objective is to produce, stimulate and mediate innovative artistic and interpretative practices and to encourage international links between them. SCCA-Ljubljana provides the participants and users of contemporary art with knowledge, tools and skills necessary for emancipated and reflected operation within the art system. By establishing a support system and cooperating with numerous NGOs SCCA-Ljubljana situates artistic practices into the social framework.

Artservis is a web-based information resource for artists, theoreticians, and cultural managers who operate with/in Slovenia or abroad.

It offers:

  • current and archived information on funding sources, opportunities for creative and professional collaboration, and educational programmes (Database, Links);
  • dispatches of new entries or changes on the entire web site (Newsletter).

Artservis is openly accessible and free of charge.

Artservis supports independent and competent operation of individuals and organisations in the field of contemporary arts. Its main goal is to enhance the availability of relevant information. The enhancement is based on solidary sharing of information.

Artservis is a project of SCCA-Ljubljana. Online since November 2001. Conceptualized by Alenka Pirman in cooperation with SCCA team (Barbara Borčić, Urška Jurman, Damijan Kracina, Mateja Lazar and Saša Nabergoj). Designed by Damijan Kracina, Damijan Leban and Alenka Pirman.



Forum Skopje (Skopje)

e: / w:

Forum Skopje is a project already established on the international stage in Europe. The platform operates in the public sector and tries to articulate all the socio-architectural changes conducted by the government.

In the past 3 years the basic accent was given the contemporary spirit of Western Europe. While the foreign guests from: Vienna, Milan, Berlin, Venice, Philadelphia, Zagreb, Boston, New York, Madrid, Rome, etc. discussed about the current benefactors on the World level, the citizens of Skopje created the critical body which confronted the round table accordingly at the debate sessions.

The platform is not seen as an open critique, on the contrary, it works its own way in the pool of the foreign knowledge, and in the same time accumulates and archives the information making it obtainable to everybody.


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