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The Let’s Talk Critic Art project foresees the implementation of activities aimed to present to the public the impact, importance and relevance of selected authors/artists/organizations representing modern critic culture in 4 cities – Belgrade, Ljubljana, Skopje i Zagreb; opening a public debate (through a series of public interviews and round tables) on the role of critical artistic and cultural practice within the existing political, economic, social and cultural circumstances; as well as public review (through a series of public interviews and round tables) of the importance of policy involvement of artists/organizations, and presentation of good practices and incentive for more intensive participation in the activities of advocating and lobbying through which artists/organizations become important and necessary partners in decision-making processes, and of the crisis in traditional mass media of this region, with a special emphasis on the marginalization and insufficient presence of critic culture in both written and electronic media. The activities are also aimed to present  to the international public theoretical reviews of critic culture and examples of good practices of critic art in 4 cities – Belgrade, Ljubljana, Skopje and Zagreb.

The partners in this project will systematically follow (in their portals) authors and projects in fields of the culture and art that ask the right (precise) questions and demand different answers and open new models of solutions, and also organize public events (round tables and public interview) and print a publication, to sensitize the public on the topical issues, and show them how the critical thinking, responsible culture and transformational potential of arts and culture are demolishing the conventional understanding of the individual and the society as recipients and mindless passive.

The discussion on modern artistic and cultural practice will, thus, be introduced into the public discourse, from the perspective of their social impact and political importance. This project will demonstrate how cultural approach can explore real political practice and note that art is not only the presentation, but also very tool for struggle.

The LTCA project advocates critic art practice, increasing its visibility through this project and providing for it a more appropriate attention on the part of the public and media that will also be better aware of the significance of such practices and their potential impact on the society, politics/policies and other areas of life. The number and diversity of views and voices that will speak on this issue in 4 cities will stress the important role of civil society and culture that compensate for inactivity of the state and other institutions. In addition, through mainstreaming of the so-called taboo topics, we expect also certain breakthroughs in the area of public policies, and all public events will offer a recommendation for changes in certain policies, which will be disseminated to policy-makers. This project also attempts to influence the very discouraging situation with the media which fail to insure democratic culture of tolerance and public dialogue generally, and therefore neither in the art sphere.


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