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October 18, 2010 / Talking Critic Arts

Section In Focus on

In autumn 2009, portal has launched section In Focus designed as an archive of ideas and practices developed on the independent cultural scene from 1990s until nowadays.

Croatian media landscape primarily characterised by the culture of scandals and spectacles in the past twenty years, has systematically neglected these artistic and cultural projects, while authors and artists haven’t been presented sufficiently. The results of marginalization are visible in the fact that practices in question often remain without any type of documentation or structural presentation which would be easily accessible to the audience. Projects remain only in the memory of organizers, artists and participants. The lack of traces of the socially engaged projects disables retrospective evaluation with analytical and critical approach important for the future development. This kind of ignorance and neglect towards past and current works makes relation and vision of new and future projects far more complicated and impossible. Here lies the importance of this section which abates existing lacks, and opens in public discussion on importance of social and critical engagement through cultural and artistic practices.

Through articles, translations of other articles and interviews, presented independent organisations and artists in Zagreb in order to review how artistic practices can take critical role in the society in which domination of capitalistic and neoliberal doctrine is increasing and neutralising any type of critical action. The main objective was to present practices, which widen field of arts and culture, and intervene in a variety of social spaces in order to confront the program of social mobilization of capitalism. Next to reflections on artistic and cultural practices, portal published articles/interviews, which point out on the role of contemporary critical culture and give contextual frame of the social activism and development of civil society in Zagreb.

List of interviews and articles published on the portal in the frame of the section (available only in Croatian):

On society and state – Srđan Dvornik considers that “Civil society is a systematic intervening of citizens into the internal affaires of the government”. (Interviewed by Dea Vidović)

Sleeves of resistance – With Vesna Janković we are talking about the end of ‘80ies, social, political and cultural turmoil during ’90-ies with the special accent on biweekly magazine Arkzin. (Interviewed by Dea Vidović)

Restorin relations, changes of analogies – Andreja Kulunčić, one of the most prominent Croatian artists on international scene, reflects on here major works. (Interviewed by Vesna Vuković)

The only revolution is spiritual evolution – Igor Grubić starts being active in the moment of political and social urgency, in the moment when society needs at least a mirror which will uncover all its “dark spots”. (Written by Ivana Bago and Antonia Majača)

Permanent job – This year, Shadow Casters celebrate nine years of their work. (Interviewed by Dea Vidović)

Eyes attached to the context – With Tomislav Medak we talk about first ten years of Multimedia Institute (Interviewed by Dea Vidović)

Born three times – Club Močvara celebrated its opening three time. First on April 16th 1999. The second one almost year later on March 24th 2000 and than the third one, after a year of break on May 21st 2009. (Written and interviewed by Dea Vidović)

Vibrating on the margin – UrbanFestival is the central project of the organisation BLOK, and numerous activities grew from it during their ten years of work. (Interviewed by Antonija Letinić)

Domino effect – Organisatin Domino deals with queer issues from numerous angles and through their work they contributed enormously to the integration of LGBT population into the Croatian society. (Interviewed by Antonija Letinić)

Art, Science, Technology and Body – Through their work organisation Kontejner popularised artistic practices on the intersection with science and technology as well as disability art. (Interviewed by Janja Sesar)

The Boom of fanzines in the nineties – During the last decade of the past century fanzines were the key media of communication on the subculture scene. (Written by Marko Strpić)

Filling the gaps – Center for Drama Arts played the crucial role in the field of performing arts in Croatia during past two decades. Goran Sergej Pristaš talks about its development. (Interviewed by Antonija Letinić)

The red line of continuity and collaboration – Curators collective What, How and for Whom – WHW critically re-questions social, political, cultural and artistic situations for more than 10 years. (Interviewed by Una Bauer)

Innovations and renovations on the literary scene – Kruno Lokotar is certainly one of the best collocutors for the matters of motions on the literary scene from nineties till nowadays. (Interviewed by Martina Budimir)

The First squatting in Zagreb – Squatting of the space Kuglana in Zagreb at the beginning of the nineties was a short, but intensive event which later on served as an experience to different groups in the city. Marko Strpić evokes the squatting. (Written by Marko Strpić)

Public cuts – Through analyses of the contextual artistic practice of Sanja Iveković, art historian and curator Bojana Pejić points out its politicality. (Written by Bojana Pejić)

Multiheaded beasts – Marko Vuković and Marko Strpić are members of Zagreb anarchist movement in nineties, and in 1997, with other colleagues, founded ATTACK! (Interviewed by Tina Gavranić and Dea Vidović)

As Attack! has been growing – Sanja Burlović talks about development lines of Attack!, one of the oldest organisations of the independent culture scene in Zagreb. (Interviewed by Martina Budimir)


This section was launched in the framework of the projects Let’s Talk Critic Arts supported by European Cultural Foundation and In Focus of Let’s Talk Art, Design & Meida – Critics or Analytics supported by Royal Netherlands Embassy Zagreb.


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